We're a family.

 It's taken us a long time to get to where we are in the field of international education and we all work hard to make your experience as unforgettable and smooth as possible. 

Feel free to reach out to one of us directly if you'd like to hear more about who we are, what we do and our role in your abroad experience!

PIP DENNE - El Nomad.jpg


Regional Manager | Consultant

LinkedIn  |  pip@elnomad.com

Program Pick: Spanish Immersion

ARTURO GARATE - El Nomad.jpg


Founder | External Head Consultant

LinkedIn  |  arturo@elnomad.com

Program Pick: Public Health Management

Livio Capella  - Head of Academics

Livio Capella

Head of Academics

LinkedIn  |  advisorap@elnomad.com

Program Pick: Sustainable Rural Development

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Our Story

Founded in 2007, El Nomad grew from two people with a lifetime of experience traveling and studying abroad. With a passion for seeing culture and bringing back authentic travel experiences, El Nomad strives to educate you on how best to grow in global competency and awareness.

Our goal is to keep spreading around the world, offering our unique adventurous, sustainable and educational programs to people across all walks of life.

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