Learning Spanish can be more useful than you think! Here's why.

Speaking more than one language can open up a world of opportunities, and can make you a valuable asset as an employee. So get out your flashcards, put on some reggaet├│n, and read on for where those language skills can take you!

1. Refugee Resettlement

Understanding another language and culture makes you a great fit for a career in helping those who need it - refugees from around the world.

2. Medical Interpreter

Have an interest in science and medicine? Hospitals are always looking for bilinguals to help patients and doctors communicate and make essential decisions.

3. Adventure Tour Leader

Lead high schoolers on trips throughout the world, allowing them to explore a new culture, and allowing you to experience the rewards of being a role model and leader!

4. International Journalist

Travel far and wide to the most sought-after locations, to get an on-site and local update about major news stories around the globe.

5. Social Worker

Your compassion for others and knowledge of another language will allow you to flourish as a social worker, bringing hope of a brighter future for many in need.

6. Teaching English as a Second Language

Learning a second language improves your ability to understand English as well, making teaching a fitting career!

7. Fashion Buyer

Your skills in Spanish, French, or German can be very valuable in the fast-paced and glamorous world of fashion.

8. Immigration Lawyer

Help those migrating to the United States feel welcomed in their new home by helping them through a complicated but crucial immigration process.

9. Advertising Translator

Help companies appeal to the public in bilingual areas in the U.S. and abroad by working as a translator for a marketing company.

10. Tour Guide

Show travelers the landscapes, traditions, foods, and lifestyle of a new location while living a wanderluster's dream of traveling as a career!

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