Experience Ecuador with photos captured from behind the wheel

Many things are spoken of as a journey;  relationships, college, and even life itself. At El Nomad, we believe study abroad is also a journey, and perhaps one of the most important ones you will ever take.

Over the course of our experiental and life-changing programs last summer, we documented the journey we took with our students.  

Along the way, we captured everything from our travels through Cuenca on a red, double-decker tour bus, to a flight from mainland Ecuador to the pristine waters of the Galápagos Islands. 

After going through those photos and picking out the best ones, we present you with a unique behind the wheels photo collection – taken from buses, planes, cable cars, and more.

We've also written down some thoughts on what makes study abroad such a special journey. Enjoy! 


After arriving in a new country for your study abroad experience, your first journey will be one of learning and understanding.  

How do you connect with your homestay family?

What's the proper way to greet someone new?

How much almuerzo (lunch) can you physically fit in your belly?

At this point in your journey, you're still very much like a tourist in a foreign place. And perhaps, you're one of those tourists that goes sightseeing on a two-story bus. 

What better way to get to know your new home?


As your journey progresses, you'll probably start to experience a bit of culture shock. It feels similar to travelling from the humid Amazon jungle, to the snow blizzard on top of a volcano – all in the space of 6 hours. 

However, no matter how challenging these moments might be, they're also what you're going to look back on.  Embrace it, settle into the discomfort, and remember, this is how life-changing experiences are supposed to feel. 


Pretty soon, you find yourself settling into your journey a bit more.

Everything begins to look and feel more familiar, just like the countryside on an 8-hour journey from Quito city to the Amazon jungle.

During these times, reflect upon your journey so far. Do you feel different than you did on day one?


Before long, you'll be able to look back at the person you were at the beginning of the journey and see how much you have changed – much like seeing your shadow at the bottom of the ravine on a cable car in Baños. 


And then... the end of the journey arrives. And yet, it isn't really the end, but the beginning of your life post study abroad.

Keep journeying, traveler –  and don't forget about the life-changing twists and turns of the last journey went on.

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