Let the feelings of familiarity ensue.

1. When You Have No Idea What the Local Just Said to You

After the local has just finished repeating the same phrase 3 times, it's time to take matters into your own hands. This is you mustering up your best all-knowing look. Yeah, he definitely bought it.

2. When Your Foreign Friend Masters Spanish Small Talk

You study late together and laugh at the frequently occurring language mishaps coming from both of your mouths. Yet suddenly, locals are flashing her knowing looks and smile naturally with her small talk. She's successfully sustaining a conversation. How did she do it?

3. When You're Pretty Sure Your Homestay Family is Talking About You at the Lunch Table 

In the middle of a conversation you've long lost hope in, you're pretty sure you heard your name being pronounced with that all too familiar Spanish twang. Did you? Or wait, was someone just asking you a question? Oh, no! Who just said my name?

4. When Everyone Laughs At Your Spanish Joke 

Nothing describes how good it feels to start bonding with other human beings in another language. It’s one thing to master a conversation with the local market lady but actually making a friend, someone that likes your Spanish personality, is pretty unbeatable. 

5. Exactly How Close You Are To Finding The Word You're Looking For Inside Your Head

You know it. You heard it just the other day. It’s on the tip of your tongue. It’s...it’s...Okay, lost it.

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Go on, the world awaits.

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