Practice makes perfect! And apparently, so does watching Netflix?

Learning a new language may seem daunting, but the best way to start a new language or brush up on your skills is simple:

Practice a little every day.

As you practice daily, your brain is actually strengthening itself, making it is easier to absorb new content and enhance your fluency. Here’s some suggestions for how to use your 10 minutes wisely:

1. Get an App

DuoLingo, the winner of iPhone App of the Year, and Memrise, an app frequently used by educators and students, are great ways to learn a new language while engaging your ability to read, write, listen, and speak through mini-activities!

2. Read the news

International newspapers really let you dive into the life and times of places around the world! Here in Ecuador we read El Universo to catch up on all things Latin America and in the rest of the world.

3. Watch a TV show

Netflix and Hulu are filled with telenovelas and international movies, and there’s no shame in binge-watching the popular Vecinos sitcom as well!

4. Listen to a podcast

On a walk or bus ride home, catch up on News in Slow, a podcast in multiple languages, spoken slowly so learners can really soak it all in! For Spanish learners, try listening to Audiria whether you’re just starting out or brushing up on your advanced skills.

5. Go out to eat

Go to a French, Mexican, or Brazilian restaurant and try ordering in the language you’re practicing! Your brain and your taste buds will get to benefit from this one.

 Language learning can allow you to engage more in your local community!

Language learning can allow you to engage more in your local community!

6. Run through vocab flashcards

Quizlet is home to hundreds of flashcards sets you can practice with, and has tools to make your own!

7. Write about your day

Just a paragraph or two about your routine and activities can really get your brain active in the language learning process.

8. Listen to music

Spotify has featured playlists from numerous countries and regions throughout the world, so that you can immerse yourself in the local rhythm and flavor of your new language! Bailando and El Perdón are sure to be your new favorites!

9. Go to language tables

If you’re at college or university, most schools have weekly language tables in the dining hall filled with students and professors alike, eager to practice for even just one meal amidst their otherwise hectic schedules! Here are some conversation starters to get you all going!

10. Learn a joke

¿Qué hace un pez aburrido? Nada! 🐠

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