What happens when you invite an international vlogger to join in on a month-long program.

Welcome back!

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We’re back inside the video camera of Sophie Saville as she continues her travels through Ecuador. 

While only the second chapter, we promise the adventures have barely begun!

Captured on film, Sophie follows the group’s voyage from the crisp breeze of the Andes mountains, to the sweltering heat of the vast Amazon jungle.

This episode feels like it's straight from The Fear Factor. After all, how many of these activities would you dare to try?


Now, for the main feature – buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Although the 8-hour journey was a long one,  we saw rolling mountains the whole way. Pretty beautiful, amiright?!

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Ecuadorians love sweets, and the group didn’t mind adapting to that lifestyle one bit...

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...including adding hot sauce to their helado (ice cream). Would you be willing to try that?

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Or… what about tasting another local favorite – barbecued worms ("chuzo" grubs)?!

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If you thought that was brave, how about eating a grub while it's still ALIVE? Kudos to you, Raj. You have our respect. 

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After everyone had their fill of spicy ice cream and live bugs (thanks Ecuador!),  we made our final escapade to an ecolodge hidden in the Amazon jungle. While students seemed fine with the anaconda snakes (just kidding) and tarantula spiders (no jokes there), the hardest part seemed to be...

1. No WiFi **gasp** and, 

2. Cold showers

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