What happens when you invite an international vlogger to join in on a month-long program.

Ready for round 3?

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...are you sure? This time around, there are lurking caymans and 8-meter-long anacondas, which means one thing: the group finally arrived to the Amazon jungle!

But, don't worry – all the creepy crawlies stayed away from Sophie (phew!) as she documented our group’s expedition through the sweltering heat of the jungle...

...and to the top of it.

Watch the video to find out what it looks like when you climb 30-meters above the treetops in the wild Amazon jungle. 

Without further adieu, we bring you episode 3!


Termites, caymans, and anacondas – oh my! While there may be a lack of WiFi in the Amazon jungle, there most definitely isn't a scarcity of wildlife...

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Is Pip demonstrating the amount of fun the group is having? Or,  how wide anacondas get in the Amazon jungle?!

I'm sticking to the first choice.

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While in the Amazon, do as the Amazonians do - such as taste chicha: a fermented beverage which can reach the same strength as Whiskey. 

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So, you're telling me chocolate doesn't grow pre-packaged on trees? On day two, the group learnt about the true origins of chocolate, as seen here in a cacao plant. Psst – it's organic! 

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It was then time to climb a 30m watchtower and see the Amazonian canopy. Did everyone make it in one piece?!

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Of course they did! El Nomad knows how to keep our students safe  –  you're welcome, parents! 

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