What happens when you invite an international vlogger to join in on a month-long program.

Chapter four is HERE! 

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This round, we explore more of the nooks and crannies in the Amazon jungle. We also sneak out to visit a chocolate factory. Err, sort of. 

Continue following Sophie's journey while she gatecrashes an El Nomad group and tags along as the students discover the jungle city of Tena, get bendy with yoga, and take some time out to reflect on the trip so far. 

You ready for round 4?


DRUM ROLL PLEASE...episode 4!


What better place to "hom" it out than deep amongst the natural wonder of the rainforest? 

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After becoming more zen, students passed by Arturo, El Nomad's Founder, and his cheesy grin to begin that day's program.

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You know you're in the jungle when the only way to get around is on a river boat! Our students don't seem to mind, unless a rogue splash hits them. 


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Perhaps most importantly, in this episode we find out why the gallo (chicken) crossed the road – to escape from the lurking vlogger!

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Yummy, chocolate.... ! Or, is it a waste management water plant?

Sorry if I forever ruined chocolate syrup for you.

Here, the students learnt how to clean and filter dirty water  – smell free –  and only using oxygen and gravity.

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We also heard from Jon, an El Nomad student, who spoke about the personal impact this trip has had on him so far. Since he had to crouch down to fit into the video frame, he now also has back pain. Sorry Jon! 

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We then took the students learning to the classroom, and had the privilege of being toured around one of the top universities in Ecuador. 

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