What happens when you invite an international vlogger to join in on a month-long program.

Welcome back to Sophie’s World during an El Nomad program!

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We can always use a little more animal love in our life, right?

In this episode, you get to spend a full day with us on an El Nomad program. The highlight? A visit out to an animal sanctuary full of Amazonian creatures (both very, very large and very, very small!)  bound to make your heart melt.

Without further adieu, we present to you…

Episode 5!


The episode begins with a jungle trek out to the animal sanctuary. Here, animals are rescued from difficult situations and slowly introduced back into the wild. 

Sophie was told there will be an anaconda, but Pip says there won't be. Who is right?! 

Of course, watch the video to find out if Esmerelda the Anaconda really does exist.

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These fluffy little guys did not disappoint with their cheeky antics...

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Our hearts officially melted when we spotted a jungle bird grooming itself!

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Here's where your sleuthing skills come in...

Who wants to guess which fruit is in Sophie's chocolate?

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Sophie and Pip, the Australian dream team, embark on a super top secret mission...

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To secure a birthday cake for the faculty leader – Mary Jane!

It's time to sing happy birthday. If you're wondering what cakes look like in the jungle, they're huge!  

And, ridiculously delicious. 

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The episode ends with a magical moment caught on film, a candlelit guitar performance and casual singalong. 

Hearts melted, for a second time. 

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