What happens when you invite an international vlogger to join in on a month-long program.

You already know. It’s time for round 6!

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It's been real, Amazon. You've given the El Nomad group jungle views, canopy crawls, and river rides, but it's time to go to the adventure capital of Ecuador...


Now, if you know any Spanish, you probably understand that word to mean bathrooms, but nah - Ecuador wouldn't name a city "Bathrooms." C'mon

The full name being Baños de Santa Agua, this city is known for its hot spring baths. 

OR you could say its named for the amount of fun it positively BATHES visitors in. Whatever.

In this episode, our students say goodbye, jungle, and helloooo adventure - check it out below!

Hello Episode 6!


Amazonian breakfast, the breakfast of champions - that's how the saying goes, right?

After chowing down, it's time to get on the local mode of transportation....

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River boat.

Is there a cooler way to ride in style? Currently taking all suggestions.

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On the ride out, a quick poll is taken on what the group is looking forward to the most - 

Adventure?! Glorious mountain views? New experiences?

...Nope. A hot shower. Ohhhh, it's the little things in life, isn't it?

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It's back to the mountains!

Moving on from river boat transportation, it's time for some mountain transportation...

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Cable car! Could the views get any better? 

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.42.29 AM.png


Wellllll, maybe with a spontaneous dance party they do. 

When you join us on a program, be prepared to boogie!

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The episode ends with a sneak peek into what 4-day Amazon hair looks like. And confirms dreams do come true, such as a hot shower.

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What will the group get up to next episode? Subscribe below to stay tuned!

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