What happens when you invite an international vlogger to join a month-long program in Ecuador.

Weeee're back! 

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The students are on the move again, this time landing in a city surrounded by some of Ecuador's tallest Andes mountains –


Ambato has been given many inspired nicknames, including "City of Flowers and Fruit," "Garden of Ecuador," and "City of it's-Hard-to-Breathe-in-This-Altitude"

One guess which name Sophie choose for the city?

In this episode, our students quite literally danced their way around the Ambato, only stopping for sugar-induced energy along the way.

Hello Episode 7!


If you're looking for majestic views, this episode is for you.

From sights up-top a volcano to vibrantly dressed indigenous women, Ambato has that small-town local feel with a heavy dose of beauty.

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Ice cream makes yet another appearance – "tres leches" (three milk) flavor – only this time we found an extra surprise inside. What could it be? 

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Following sugary bliss was lots of dancing!

Even the goat wanted to join in. 

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Apparently spontaneous dance parties on the street are widely encouraged on all El Nomad programs. See more proof below. 

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This is what an active volcano looks like (says Sophie)! No need to wonder why we were so far away (you're welcome, moms and dads). 

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We broke up the antics with a visit to Parque de la Familia. As so much more than just a park, the space is fit-out with a learning center,  agroecological farm, beautiful views, places to camp, and year-round educational seminars. 

We received a private tour around the park, and had the opportunity to get a better sense of Ecuador's native flora and fauna. It's a great place to learn about the cultivation process of local medicinal plants, or how to prepare organic fertilizers. 

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Take one guess how this episode ends.

You're right - with an EPIC GROUP DANCE SESSION

Who has the best moves? You tell us.

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