Cuenca, Ecuador

Live and learn in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Cuenca.
It's a perfect balance between a bustling city and small, country town.

June 22nd - July 22nd, 2018 (4 Weeks)

Flexible Dates. Contact Us for Details.

What's Involved

  • The opportunity to study international public health with coursework developed upon experiential learning and practical experience in the field
  • Site visits out to the private and public health sector and to other medicare initiatives dominating in the field, guests lectures by local professionals and opportunities to shadow healthcare professionals in an academic internship 
  • Local immersion within the community –  complete with weekly cultural activities (salsa classes, market scavenger hunts, cultural cooking classes etc.) 
  • Homestays with Ecuadorian families (3 traditional meals a day)
  • Weekend excursions out to gorgeous ancient ruins and untouched national parks and daily cultural immersion activities

$2,950 USD


Where Your Money Goes

Your program with El Nomad contributes holistically to the local community and economy of Cuenca, Ecuador. Here's what's included: 

  • Transportation from Guayaquil or Quito to Cuenca upon arrival and prior to departure (either flight or van, depending on where you fly in to)
  • Full day on-site orientation with city tour (Yes, there will be a red double-decker bus!) and welcome meal (psst – we might bully you into trying some freshly roasted Guinea Pig – “cuy” in Spanish)
  • 90 contact hours (3 credits) of coursework in Public Health in an Ecuadorian Context, a curriculum focused on experiential learning and featuring guest lecturers, site visits, and opportunities for personal research
  • Prepaid bus pass with credit to start you out
  • A cell phone rental with credit to start you out
  • 24-hour emergency number in country and bilingual on-site staff
  • Travel booking assistance
  • Reentry workshop
  • Program fees and taxes


  • Further your professional development through the unique opportunity to apply your studies abroad
  • Return to your university with new perspectives on public health in a global, cross-cultural context
  • Hard skills within your chosen medical specialisation 

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