Macara, Ecuador

Dec 27, 2017 - Jan 7, 2018

Flexible Dates. Contact Us for Details.

What's Involved

Our academically-geared biodynamic farm program is not-for-profit. It’s designed to leave you with hard skills in sustainable rural development, while positively impacting the local community and economy of rural southern Ecuador. 

Here’s what your experience will look like: 

  • Two rustic weeks in a homestay in rural Ecuador with 3 local meals daily
  • Daily farm projects, such as bioconstruction, trail development, species identification, planting and harvesting, and other similar or skill-based activities activities
  • Field-based seminars about the region’s biodiversity, focused on with a focus on zero-waste construction, permaculture, and sustainable rural development bioconstruction, permaculture and sustainable rural development 
  • Cultural site visits out to traditional rice fields and Rio Internacional, a river that divides Perú and Ecuador

$950 USD

Where Your Money Goes

We like money well spent and aim to put as much of yours back into the project. However, it’s important you feel safe and supported during your time in Ecuador.

Here’s how we’ve got your back: 

  • 24 hour in-country El Nomad support and emergency response
  • In-country bilingual staff (Spanish and English)
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off and transportation out to Macara 
  • In-country cultural orientation and health/safety briefing 
  • Cell phone for your time in Ecuador
  • Welcome dinner, cultural activities and regular staff check-ins 

International flights are not included and organised independently. If you need booking assistance, contact us. 

Click on the pie chart to see exactly where your money goes.


Through experiential learning and an outcomes-based model, you will leave with:

  • Hard skills in sustainable rural development
  • Hard skills in agriculture
  • Improved Spanish speaking-skills
  • A life-changing experience

What Are You Waiting For?